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"Leadership Capability" What does it mean? Where does it come from? How is it developed? Julian speaks with leaders who share their own leadership journey and their ideas of what leadership capability is and how best to develop it. With leaders from across Australia representing small enterprises through to ASX listed companies, these conversations are certain to provide you with insights and ideas that you can use in your own leadership journey. Julian will also bring you some of the tools and techniques he has used to help him grow a successful business working with corporations to develop their own outstanding leaders.

Nov 4, 2019

Greg Smith is the author of Career Conversations – How to Get the Best from Your Talent Pool

Early in his career Greg realised our motivations and behaviours determine the way in which we work with others, the way we lead, and whether we reach our career potential. In 2006 he completed his Masters in Career...

Oct 21, 2019

Gihan Perera is the author of Disruption by Design – Leading Change in a Fast Changing World.

Gihan is a futurist, conference speaker, author and consultant who gives business leaders a glimpse into what's ahead - and how they can become fit for the future.

Since 1997, he has worked with leading thought leaders,...

Oct 7, 2019

Julia Steel is the author of Buy-In – How to Lead Change, Build Commitment and Inspire People.

Over the last two decades Julia has worked with leaders around the world to plan and execute strategy in their business. She knows that frameworks and PowerPoint are not enough to deliver results on their own. That success...

Sep 30, 2019

Shane Hatton is the author of Lead The Room - Communicate a Message that Counts in Moments that Matter.

Shane has spent more than a decade of his consulting and working in in-house marketing and communications gaining a deep appreciation of effective messaging that enables you to not only be heard but remembered.


Sep 23, 2019

Troy McKinna is the author of Brand Hustle – 4 Critical Foundations to Accelerate Brand Growth.

Troy believes in the power of building brands because brands connect products and services with consumers. Brands strengthen P&Ls and drive growth. Brands attract the best talent and provide a beacon in the sea of...