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"Leadership Capability" What does it mean? Where does it come from? How is it developed? Julian speaks with leaders who share their own leadership journey and their ideas of what leadership capability is and how best to develop it. With leaders from across Australia representing small enterprises through to ASX listed companies, these conversations are certain to provide you with insights and ideas that you can use in your own leadership journey. Julian will also bring you some of the tools and techniques he has used to help him grow a successful business working with corporations to develop their own outstanding leaders.

Nov 26, 2018

In episode 48 of the Synergen Leadership Podcast, Julian speaks with Michelle Sales, author of The Power of Real Confidence.

Michelle is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach who has helped thousands of senior leaders and their teams learn to show up as the best version of themselves, to...

Nov 19, 2018

In episode 47 of the Synergen Leadership Podcast, Julian speaks with Anthony Williams, Founder and Director at Modus Leadership Development.

Anthony is a Business Psychologist who has held senior leadership roles in management consulting firms. Specializing in Leadership Development and Sales Effectiveness, Anthony has...

Nov 12, 2018

In episode 46 of the Synergen Leadership Podcast, Julian speaks with Jason T Smith, author of Outside-in, Downside-up Leadership and Group Director of Back In Motion Health Group.

Jason founded the Back In Motion Health Group from his garage in 1999. He now leads a team of more than 600 professionals in over 100...

Nov 5, 2018

Special Content Edition with Julian Carle

Leadership does not come from your title. In fact, being named to a position is only the first and lowest of the five levels every effective leader achieves. To become more than a boss people are required to follow, you must master the ability to inspire and build a team that...